Location & Hours

Upcoming Events at Our Shop:


1911 Westminster St, Providence, RI 02909


(401) 525-1822
Email Gregory Sankey Jr – Director of Operations

Email David Aguirre – Open Shop Mechanic & Build-A-Bike Instructor

Email Chelsea DeSantis – Open Shop Mechanic & Build-A-Bike Instructor

Email David Sano – Open Shop Mechanic

Open Shop Hours:

This is when you can visit our shop to donate bicycles, work on your own bicycle with the help of a mechanic, bring in a bicycle for us to repair, or buy one of our refurbished bicycles!

Tuesdays: 3PM – 8PM

Fridays: 3PM – 8PM

Saturdays: 10AM – 3PM

Youth (under 15) must be accompanied by an adult, individuals between the ages of 15 & 17 may participate after a permission slip is filled out by a parent or guardian.

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