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Recycle-A-Bike (RAB) is a volunteer-based community organization. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization originally formed in 2000. 

Our mission is to educate, empower, and build community by connecting people and bicycles. We match people with refurbished bikes, provide practical bike knowledge, and advocate for bicycle use by safe, confident cyclists.

Mission & Organization

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The creation of our non-profit was a simple yet profound vision: to educate, empower, and unite our community through the universal language of bicycles.


We embarked on this journey with a purpose—to connect individuals of all ages, from children to adults, with the transformative power of two wheels. Our aim was clear: to offer more than just a mode of transportation but a method for freedom, exploration, recreation, and an alternative way for commuting.


Through Recycle A Bike, we sought to bridge gaps, ignite passions, and instill a sense of empowerment. Whether it's the joy of a child's first ride or the practicality of commuting to work, our mission remains unwavering—to cultivate a community where bicycles serve as tools for empowerment, joy, exercise, and a means to explore the world around us.

Our Story

We thrive on sharing the love of bikes within our community. From the first turn of a pedal to the intricate art of bike maintenance, we're passionate about creating a culture where the joy of cycling transcends mere transportation. Through our shop, we've built a vibrant space where the thrill of two wheels is shared, celebrated, and made accessible to all.


Whether it's providing free bikes to kids, hosting educational sessions, or refurbishing bicycles, our commitment lies in spreading this love of cycling across our community, one ride at a time.


Valuable connections are made in our shop. Learning and sharing bike maintenance, people gain competencies that generate self confidence and belief in community. Through our programs, we make cycling accessible to everyone. For us, cycling represents mobility, which is an expression of freedom and equality. As part of an active and healthy lifestyle, cycling has merits for both recreation and as a viable mode of transportation

Our Vision


Mechanic classes run regularly. Our introductory class is ‘Know Your Multi-tool’ which is four sessions over four weeks. It’s full of fun and practical knowledge to keep your bike going.


Students learn bicycle mechanics, smart tool use, positive work habits, hands-on engineering, and safe riding. We explore the physics of a bicycle, mechanical aspects of how bikes work, how to repair bicycles, and how to maintain a bicycle in a safe condition. Our youth education programs start basic, but advanced coursework on bicycle mechanics is great support for the arts, math, and science, as well as job training.



Bike Education

Recycle-A-Bike commits to providing free bicycles for all children in our community.


We also continue to match people who need transportation with free or low-cost bikes, such as:

Recent immigrants and refugees

Those transitioning from incarceration

Low income or receiving benefits like SNAP and Medicaid

Students and youth

Underserved by public transportation


Bike Matches

We love partnerships!  We work with other community-focused organizations and institutions to provide bike resources and fun. Talk to us to set up a date!

  • Bike Valet/Parking at Events

  • Tune-Up Tents

  • Speaking Engagements and Demos

  • Group Volunteering Opportunities

  • Bike Giveaways


Events and Partnerships

Volunteer and earn shop credit, donate, hang out in our shop, or join our Board of Directors.

There are many ways to:

  • Help your community 

  • Reduce waste

  • Train with skilled mechanics

  • Be confident on your bike

  • Live healthy and active

  • Give youth the tools to succeed


Be a Part of It

Our People

Michael Rounds

Joseph Van Harn

Antonio Martinez



John Olivo, President

Chris D’Ovidio, Vice President

Colin Bishop, Treasurer

Amy Romero, Secretary

JJ Conti

Thomas Dickinson

Ed Raff

Andrew Romero


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