Condolences & Thanks to the Valliere Family

“Do well by doing good” is exactly what Albert P. Valliere, Jr. did, as well as instill in his family and the community in which he lived. Albert was passionate about many things, his bike being one of them. He was an avid cyclist and winning triathlete. We at Recycle-A-Bike wish to extend our condolences to the Valliere family, their friends, and their community for his recent passing. All of us here, especially RAB’s Board of Directors, wish to thank the Valliere family for their decision to honor him by asking that memorial contributions be made to Recycle-A-Bike.

Black Lives Matter

We at Recycle-A-Bike pledge our support for the protesters, and in particular, those in the Black Lives Matter movement, throughout the United States and within the community that we serve in Providence, RI.

These protests are expressions of grief, anger, frustration, love, and power.  People are responding to unimaginable injustice, pain, and death, and we support their right to do so. We must continue to dismantle racism and demand the liberation of black people across this nation, a nation that has repeatedly failed them.  All human beings deserve dignity, respect, and justice and we commit to providing a space that lives up to these principles.

We as an institution and a small piece of society commit to educating ourselves and to respect the experiences of everyone we serve, especially black and brown peoples. All barriers must be removed and leadership must reflect the larger population. Recycle-A-Bike has not done enough to this point to live up to this ideal, and we commit to doubling our efforts by diversifying our board of directors. We believe Black Lives Matter, and we will make changes to prove that those words do not ring hollow.

We believe in the power of love and empowerment.  We are here to help, and we commit to taking action to change our racist system, to remove the stain of white supremacy and stop the murder of people of color across the nation.

No one person deserves more freedom than another, and no one is free unless all of us are free.

The Board of Directors
Recycle-A-Bike, PVD


Nosotros en Recycle-A-Bike prometemos nuestro apoyo a los manifestantes, y en particular a aquellos en el movimiento Black Lives Matter, en todo Estados Unidos y dentro de la comunidad que servimos en Providence, RI.

Estas protestas son expresiones de dolor, ira, frustración, amor y poder. Las personas están respondiendo a injusticias inimaginables, dolor y muerte, y nosotros apoyamos su derecho a hacerlo. Debemos continuar desmantelando el racismo y exigir la liberación de las personas afroamericanos en esta nación, una nación que les ha fallado repetidamente. Todos los seres humanos merecen dignidad, respeto y justicia y nos comprometemos a proporcionar un espacio que esté a la altura de estos principios.

Nosotros, como institución y una pequeña parte de la sociedad, nos comprometemos a educarnos y a respetar las experiencias de todas las personas a quienes servimos, especialmente las personas afroamericanas. Se deben eliminar todas las barreras y el liderazgo debe reflejar a la población en general. Recycle-A-Bike no ha hecho lo suficiente hasta este momento para cumplir con este ideal, y nos comprometemos a duplicar nuestros esfuerzos diversificando nuestra junta directiva. Creemos que Black Lives Matter importa, y haremos cambios para demostrar que esas palabras no suenan huecas.

Creemos en el poder del amor y el empoderamiento. Estamos aquí para ayudar y nos comprometemos a tomar medidas para cambiar nuestro sistema racista, eliminar la mancha de la supremacía blanca y detener el asesinato de personas de color en todo el país.

Ninguna persona merece más libertad que otra, y nadie es libre hasta que todos seamos libres.

La Junta Directiva
Recycle-A-Bike, PVD


Tom Gomes

The Recycle-a-Bike family lost a great friend and fellow board member last week when Tom Gomes left us. As a founding member of Recycle-a-Bike, he was always generous with his time, using his prodigious wrenching skills to help others, be it at RAB, working at an MS Ride rest stop, or supporting the 1PVD high school cyclocross team. He was also an avid BMXer to the core, having been an organizer and participant in the Urban Assault bike jams.

If you were into bikes in RI, you probably crossed paths with Tom at some point. Many of his personal circles intersected with RAB and became part of our extended family. We at Recycle-a-Bike are better people for having known him. We’re grateful we got to play bikes with him for those far too few years that we did. We thank him for everything he did and on behalf of everyone he helped. He will be sorely missed.