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A nonprofit whose mission is:  Educating, empowering and building community by connecting people and bicycles.

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Mechanic Class! 

Wednesday evenings, starting July 17, 6pm - 8pm.

Classes will begin on Wednesday, July 10th and run for 5 weeks from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  Sign up is first come / first serve and is "PAY WHAT YOU CAN"   

Register by contacting

Mechanic Class!

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Nestled in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island, we are more than a non-profit community bike shop; we are a hub where connections flourish among riders, where the knowledge of bike maintenance becomes a catalyst for self-belief and communal strength. Our mission transcends the mere mechanics of bicycles; it's about accessibility, inclusivity, and the celebration of cycling as an emblem of freedom and equality.


Mechanic classes run regularly. Our introductory class is ‘Know Your Multi-tool’ which is four sessions over four weeks. It’s full of fun and practical knowledge to keep your bike going.


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We are committed to providing free bicycles for all children in our community. We continue to match people who need transportation with free or low-cost bikes.


Students learn bicycle mechanics, smart tool use, positive work habits, hands-on engineering, and safe riding. Our youth education programs start basic, but advanced coursework on bicycle mechanics is great support for STEM Courses.


Volunteer, donate, hang out in our shop, or join our Board of Directors. Explore the many ways you can get involved in supporting our programs!


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Events & Partnerships

RAB loves partnerships. We work with other community-focused organizations and institutions to provide bike resources and fun.

Talk to us to set up a date!

Contact or even better just walk into our shop and come talk to us about who we are and what our volunteers typically do.

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RAB is always looking for engaged board members who have either the time or connections that can help further our mission. Please reach out via the ‘Contact Us’ page with your ideas and to learn more.

Join our Executive Board

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RAB is always looking for community partners. Some of our partners help us identify folks who need a free or affordable bicycle. Other partners plan and execute Bike Giveaway events or Bicycle Repair Workshop sessions. Contact us with any ideas.
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Partnership to Plan a community event!

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If you're able, please support Recycle-A-Bike with a donation today with the QR code. We give opportunities for Rhode Islanders to bicycle affordably and receive training to confidently maintain their bicycles. We know there are many worthy causes and non-profit organizations so we truly thank you for your decision to offer your support.

Support Us Directly

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